London Roast To Go | 525,000/pax | MINIMUM 5 PAX - Book in advance 24 hours

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London Roast to Go

Our famous Sunday Roast delivered right at your doorstep!

Choice of salad (garden salad, creamy potato or marinated cucumber salad) or Creamy potato and leek soup


Succulent slow-roasted New Zealand Beef ribeye with Yorkshire pudding, beef & onion gravies


Choice of 3 sides:  with the options under

- Cauliflower and cheese gratin

- Green beans with crispy shallots

- Green peas with mint

- Honey-glazed carrots

- Butter-mashed potatoes

- Duck fat and garlic-roasted potatoes

- Kedgeree rice with smoked fish

- Sage and onion bread stuffing


Selection of bread rolls & butter


Warm apple & peach crumble with vanilla sauce

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